Boston Bruins Come to Support Newtown, CT Community


It has been a little over two months since the Sandy Hook School Tragedy occurred. Despite the underlying feelings of loss we feel as a community we have begun the path to healing. As a mother of four living in Newtown, nothing warms my heart more than to attend the events that have been consistently taking place in Newtown.

A majority of these events have been Major League sports associations coming to town and being hosted by the Newtown Youth Academy. Today, February 18, 2012, families in Newtown were invited attend a most s spectacular event. The Boston Bruins, 2011 National Hockey League Stanley Cup winners, came to our little town and gave all of the children, and adults, the opportunity to touch and take photographs with the Holy Grail of hockey, The Stanley Cup.

Also in attendance were the Boston Bruins Ice Girls and Bruins mascot, who made the event even brighter (my 5 year old wouldn’t go near him). Taking photographs, playing a little floor hockey and giving out Bruins t-shirts and posters, was a most inspiring sight.


If you are a hockey fan, regardless of your team loyalty, or a fan of hockey by association, husband and sons alike, having the chance to be in the presence of and touch the Stanley Cup is something you don’t miss out on. We started out on a line, waited in anticipation and then entered a closed off area (or vault) where we saw “The Cup.” We took our photos with the cup, had our t-shirt signed by Alumni Bruin’s players Thomas Songin and Bob Sweeney and we saw the Championship Rings that the players receive after winning the cup. (Pics below)

Image Image ImageImage

On our way out the door, my mommy blogging kicked in! Two men were standing at the exit with official looking jackets, so me being the amateur journalist I consider myself to be :), I asked who they were. My girls were mortified, but I digress.


I found out that the two men were from the Hockey Hall of Fame in Canada.

Upon further investigation, or me being annoying, I further learned that

that one of the men was the official “Keeper of the Cup” or Curator. Phil Pritchard, Vice President, Curator from the HHOF.

He was keeping watch over his pride and joy, those are my words, not his. He said to me that being here in Newtown was a wonderful thing and that he was so pleased to see how happy this event made all the participants.

Also with him was Howie Borrow, one of the five “Keepers of the Cup”, from the HHOF. He also said it was a great event and he was really enjoying it. I proceeded to discuss my sons who play hockey, blah, blah, blah and I finally let him walk away. Thanks Howie for being so gracious.

After taking as many photos as I could and talking to anyone who would listen, I sat and watched my three youngest play in the bouncy house.

Newtown Hawks Ice Hockey were selling Sandy Hook bracelets to donate to the Sandy Hook Fund.

My Sandy Hook Family Fund representative Rebekah Stites was also selling items.

Each sale goes directly into the fund herself and other Sandy Hook families established.

So, what else can I say. There was another event happening in the afternoon. We opted for the Stanley Cup session which was 11:00AM to 2:00PM session. The second session will have actual Boston Bruin’s players on hand. I want to thank the league for coming and giving Newtown some happiness for the day and say that we do appreciate all of these events.

It wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t make the statement, and I think I can speak for all of us in Newtown, that we would rather still be the unknown town near the Danbury Mall where nothing ever happened. Peace.

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