A Boy and His Sword, my 14 year old son

My son wrote this story when he was 12.  I edited it so it made a little more sense, but it’s all him.
Clearly he was a fan of mythology and wizards.  I still love it.

A Boy and His Sword

            When I first found the sword, I was young.  Only the age of seven. I lived in a very small village, hardly 2 acres of land, surrounded by mysterious woods.  The woods were roamed by trolls, unicorns, ogres, goblins, elves, fairies, mermaids, Cyclops and mysterious fire-breathing dragons.  That is what we heard.  Of course, from the myths, folk tales and legends told by the people of our village from the ancient times.  But no one in the history of our village ever dared to roam those woods, because everyone in the village was a complete coward.

Our oldest town member to be exact, was 112 years and 17 days of age.  He was, of course, the only man in the village to know the story. We moved here, as it says, when the trolls, ogres, dragons and Cyclops attacked the castle, killing the entire royal family. The creatures took down archers and horsemen and demolishing the raids of soldiers with a single thrust of their arms and legs. They took down catapults, and used their arms and legs to take down the unstoppable castle door protecting the kingdom. Three trolls were at least enough to destroy a whole army.  The warriors then, fought dozens of trolls, but only to fail in the doing. The creatures killed every man, woman, and child in its tracks. The old man says his great, great, great-grandfather was a warrior of the king’s army, but fled with other warriors and the women and children straight to the forest, just before the dragons, ogres, and Cyclops came to the battle.

That is when they found the only clear space of land in the woods.  And that’s where they took shelter, until the great battle was be over.   Only then they would go back to their kingdom. But the battle never did end.

That is why, as it says, that we are still here in the village.  Because the trolls and warlocks took patrol over the perimeter outside the forest, and took over the kingdom. It is said that the old man’s great, great, great-grandfather destroyed 13 trolls, 9 Cyclops, 5 dragons, 3 ogres and destroyed the troll leader who killed the king with his sword. His sword was enchanted by fairies after because while building the village he found a fairy fountain and the fairies gave his sword power that could bring peace to the land. But his sword is lost in the woods now because the poor old man’s great great great grandfather was eaten alive by trolls and taken to the heaven by the unicorns, as the book would say.

The swords material was made by the goblins, and after hundreds of years their stone swords would disintegrate into the land or evaporate into the air, due to the material the sword was made of. No one dared to go and find the courageous mans sword in the forest because, as I said before, everyone in the village was a coward, so who knows if it’s still out there.

The wizard of the village, whose name is Norm, lives in a small cabin very close to the woods, and to be precise is 427 years and 326 days of age. He has potions, charms and shielding spells that protected us from the creatures in the woods. His grandfather was a wizard too, who lived during the age of the great battle.  During the battle he escaped and ran into the woods and built an underground chamber with his magic and hid there. A legend is told of a Cyclops that snuck into the chamber, and killed the wizard, and still is there now. But the charms that the wizards grandfather made could have destroyed the trolls, dragons, ogres, and Cyclops if used right. So the wizard’s grandson is still trying to make the same ones, but being a coward, he never did try to find the chamber and just used the original potions.

There is a small population of elves in the woods that are phenomenal archers but very weak sword fighters. They keep their distance from the men because of the small civil war that took place a century after the great battle. The elves have lived in the forest for thousands of years, before the kingdom was made.  So they stayed away from the men, until all of the men, women, and children fled into the woods during the great battle.  That made the elves very angry, and they threatened to kill our population if we didn’t leave the land. So a huge battle occurred leaving no survivors, beside the old man’s great great great grandfather, who tried to make his way back to the village, but was attacked and eaten alive by the frightened trolls of the battle.

The unicorns are never seen at all, only during death and battle. They are never seen in the forest or the village, and no one really knows where they live. Another legend is told of the unicorns during the great battle.  It is said that they came and attacked the trolls. Some died, some lived, but mostly the unicorns departed the dead to heaven during the battle and at other times of death.

The mermaids live in the lakes and rivers outside the woods. They are nearly never seen because they live on the bottoms of the rivers and lakes and only appear if you walk by and have something they want or need. They have red scales and have very long nails and very beat up teeth. They have very dark red hair and are very unattractive, all are women.

The goblins are the mostly unseen out of all the mythical creatures in the woods. The goblins live only in very small cabins (because of their size) which are made for blacksmithing the swords and shields for the elves and men.  Money is only accepted by the greedy and selfish goblins. Every goblin is all green with yellow eyes and mostly 3 feet height.

The fairies live in underground fountains, where even if you are within an inch of death, can cure you if you find there fountains. They are mostly seen at graveyards and funerals, because they all honor the dead. They are all pitching white, and the size of your hand.

The ogres are very scary as I heard. They are 7 feet high and are a very light green and have red eyes. They are very skinny but hold axes and swords which give them an advantage in battles. There is a folk tale of an ogre who disguised himself as a man from a village and upon going into the village ate up all of the children.  But only some tell that story because, who knows if it is real. They live in trees and near bushes because of their camouflage.

The dragons live in the tall mountains that are far and beyond the forest. They live on the edges or peaks of the mountains, miles high, touching the clouds. Hundreds of dragons live on the mountains but hardly any came to the great battle. Only about 4 came to the battle and that’s all it took to destroy the kingdom. The dragon females are mostly green and red, and children are white, and the males are all black with red eyes.

The trolls live right outside the forest and live just at the bottom of the mountains in caves, miles back. The trolls are all about 10 feet tall, and 3 feet wide, being very fat. They are all light brown and have dark black eyes.

The Cyclops live nowhere.  They travel the forest and sometimes during the night will pass through the village. They are all very dumb and stupid due to their lack of timing and traveling. They are all light tan brown and have one big red-eye.

Our villages have feared all of the mythical creatures because they think that the creatures will all come and eat, chop, and boil us up like stew.

I found the sword was when ten ogres attacked the village. They hid in bushes and waited till the crack of morning and attacked every cabin. Luckily being outside, I ran off and ram into a blue, red, and green flame coming from a dragon’s nostrils and mouth. Then I landed stomach first on the ground and felt something very hard on my hand. I got up to see it fixed upon the roots of a tree.  A long blue and black hilted sword latched around my fingers. The handle large enough to fix my two hands upon.  I felt warmth run between my body as the black leather comforted my cold rough hands. The grey goblin’s steel blade was glowing black around the sides.  Was it true that the sword was enchanted by the fairies? The two foot long sword laid rested in my hands as it was ready for a new master. I felt unstoppable with the sword in my hands. Engraved on the sword were two goblin words hilted on the left and right sides of the goblin steel sword. On the bottom of the handle held one large blue emerald rupee gleaming furiously in every direction. I knew then what must be done.

I soon ran back to the village to find it in ruins.  No one was seen.  They must be dead, I thought. I walked slowly toward the ruin left upon the grass. Then out of a bush came an ogre, larger than life with its 3 feet long sword in which he swung straight at my neck!  I ducked and pulled my sword up as both the steel swords connected together. I jumped backwards and dodged another blow from the ogre as his sword just missed my inner intestines.  Then I swung the sword scraping the grass and plunged into his leg.  The ogre screamed a loud yelp as it held one large hand around the wound on its leg. The ogre, one hand on its leg and one hand on its sword looked at me with its evil red pupils.  I could see the anger arise into his eyes.

Then I swung with the sword I held in my hands.   A light streamed through the tip of the blade.  The ogre dropped its sword and held its arms in front of its eyes. As the light faded and the gleam sank into the black glowing edges around the goblin blade, I pushed the blade forward and jabbed the sword into the ogre’s stomach. The ogre fell on two knees and held the blade in two hands. I pulled the sword out of the ogre’s stomach as green blood dripped off the edge and fell onto the cold earth. The ogre looked at me; its red eyes became pure black like a starless sky, and gritted its black teeth and let out an unpleasant stench. Then it fell hard onto the ground.

Just then the sword emitted a strange shock through my arms and legs as the goblin grey steel became pure baby blue. The sword began to jerk and it flew straight out of my hands and landed handle up in the ground. Then as I went to grab the baby blue bladed sword, a bolt of lightning from the sky outstretched and struck the blade and handle. I flew back in the air and landed on my back as a puff of smoke exhausted away from the sword. I pulled myself up and saw the sword sparking and was back to its regular form.

Slowly, I walked toward the sword left foot over right foot, and stood over it as if I was an overseeing giant. I put my cold, hard right hand on the warm leather handle and slowly pulled the sword out of the burned up earth. As the sword again warmed my fingers, I watched as a great hole was forming from the ground like an opening of a cocoon. The ground started to shake as I put my two hands upon the sword!  As the hole grew larger and larger a large tunnel formed. The only thing I could do now was go in.  Had I found the wizards chamber?  Slowly, step by step, I walked into the dark hole.

The hole was dark, but as I got farther in, the entrance slowly became shut. Hardly noticing, I kept walking. I put the sword in a satchel I had on my back, and placed my hands on the firm hard dirt walls so I could feel where I was going. Then I felt something cold and tougher than the dirt.  I saw a torch-light about twenty feet in front of my eyes. I ran toward the light and found myself in a cubed concrete room. On the north wall there was a small table and on the table I found bottles of green and orange liquids, and other bottles with colors.  I have never seen these colors before in my life. I picked one of the bottles up and examined it. Lots of little particles were floating in the bottle, and it had the stench of an ogre.

I put it down and again looked around this peculiar small room. Then out of the corner of my eye, off the reflection from one of the bottles, I saw a fully grown Cyclops. It held a large club in its hand wand swung toward my head. I ducked down very quickly! Inches from my skull, the club smacked the table spilling the potions onto the ground, but the bottles did not bread. The sword slid out of my satchel and hit the east wall beneath the Cyclops legs. The Cyclops lifted its club right above his head so I dived beneath his legs and grabbed the sword, dodging the hard blow aimed to kill me. I was cornered on the wall when the Cyclops swung its club once again, only to miss and smash the wall inches from my head. The Cyclops eye stared straight at me. I felt my body tremble and go cold as if it was licking my cheek. My eyes went dim as the sword began to burn my hand.  A fire was raging through my body as the sword began to tremble.

The Cyclops moved in on me.  Suddenly everything began to move in slow motion giving me an advantage.  The Cyclops club slowly was coming in on my body as I felt the air blow near my head. I jumped on the side and swatted at the club.  I watched as the club snapped in half and the splinters flew out like a hail storm. As the club fell to the earth, time sped up again and the Cyclops fell into the wall. He spun around only to feel the goblin blade go right through his dark red-eye. I pulled out the sword and saw his wide mouth was open.  The sword ended the ogre’s life so quickly; he hadn’t even had time to take his last breath.

It is said that the boy took the wizards potions out from the chamber and killed all of the trolls, dragons, ogres, and Cyclops surrounding the kingdom and woods. You may be wondering who this boy was and what became of him.  That is something that will come in time, or so it is said.



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