Cleaning is Over rated

So, a few weeks ago, I accepted my lot in life. I am a mom. I am home. I can’t work outside the house, so I would make keeping the house my job.


I started with one room. First I cleaned it spotless. Then I realized nothing in there matched.

I pulled all of the pictures out to put in the picture frames that I took off the bookcase planning to re paint. The frames are sitting in another room. Not even started. Bookcase clean, but empty.

I pulled a rug out of the garage and shook it out, cleaned it, and laid it in the living room. The dog liked it.

I pulled out a can of paint to touch up all the trim. The can of paint is still sitting where I left it.

So then, I decided we needed curtains. I went and bought pieces of material. I got home and laid them on the dining room table. And there they have been.

And though I have very good intentions, and like to have a clean orderly house, no one else in the house gives a crap.

I know this because if I didn’t do one thing, I could have spent all that time doing something else.

I am not very matronly. By this I mean, I would rather play my guitar than sweep a floor. I would rather set up a website then set up a menu for the week. I would rather mow the lawn than mop the floor.

I would prefer spending hours stripping a piece of furniture then polishing it.

So what I am trying to say is that the idea of being a perfect fifties mom is a great idea. But it will never be me. Yet, I still take offense when someone in the house comments snidely about it’s state of organized chaos.

Truth is, if I did an experiment, and say, left a pile of picture frames in a corner, a can of paint in the hallway, a pile of material on the piano, brooms, mops and cleaning supplies on the floor in the kitchen, a week later, they would all still be in the same place. Not moved an inch. Unless they were blocking the bathroom, fridge, couches or television remote.

So, although I hate it, I will clean. But, I will not try to renovate the house.

I am going to be the me they all know and love. In spite of all the things I was doing, I really would never finish them all. And that’s the truth.

That’s all there is and now, I’m saying good night.


About goplayintraffic

My Blog, which began as a mommy blog and turned into a writing website,, is the product of my years of being home with my children and trying to find ways to keep myself sane. I have always had this feeling, coming from a single mother, that I have to contribute financially and that I have to be able to take care of myself and my children. having been married, being a NYC school teacher, having four children, living in Newtown, CT and trying to find a way to get through each day with a smile has always been something I've strived for. My stories, articles and poems will do a lot of things but mostly make you feel. I think that is what is so wonderful about having the ability to write. I have been given the gift of taking my emotions and transferring them to written word. Once that is done, I can share those words with others who may feel better, maybe just for a moment, but better nonetheless having read my words. I am glad you are here and hope you will stay:)
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