What Color Is your Balloon?

About 20 years ago, when I was a young one in college, I had a hard time knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Youth is wonderful in terms of feeling like you can conquer the world. Be anything you want to be.

The hardest part about deciding on a career path is that no one really lays it out for you. No one told me the burn out rate or how likely I’d be able to go back to work after children. Or, that I might not want to go back. Which was beyond my realm of comprehension back then.

Either way, an older friend of mine told me to read a book called, “What Color is Your Balloon.”. She said it would help me figure out what I would like to do.
Well, I never read the book, obviously, and went down a road that I thought was a stable, practical career for myself.

And here I am. For the last 10 years, I have been trying every online way to start something up. Although I went in full force and put in a lot of time with start up, always related to writing and marketing, I never quite saw it through. I can blame my four children, or my husband, or my physical limitations, but that’s not an option any longer.

I am a writer. I started writing as a young person, kept writing through every trial and tribulation in my life, and have finally realized that writing is what I should be doing.

I saw a quote the other day that read, “You may not be doing what you love, but you should love what you are doing.”. At first I thought, that’s true. I should always be grateful. But then, I thought, that’s ridiculous!
Why shouldn’t I do what I love.

It was suggested that I started looking up descriptions for jobs in writing. Many of them sounded like what I do but weren’t jumping out at me. When I finally came upon a description that said, “I’ve been waiting.”

Wait for it……..

Copywriter……..ooooooh snap!!!!
(Bolt fans will understand the reference)

After reading the description I realized that writing copy is what I have doing for the past ten years. Writing content for marketing, writing content for increased traffic, writing content for pleasure, writing content for awareness, writing content for publicity, and the list continues.

So I finally know what color my balloon is and can go down that road confidently. When someone asks me what it is that I do, I can tell them. Because although I haven’t been contracted as a copywriter specifically, my experience and paper (or internet) trail is clearly my resume.

I have to say that the more I read, the more I realize I am right. It’s a good feeling knowing that what I love to do is what I should be doing and can make a living doing it.

Finally, I asks my fellow bloggers and readers of blogs…. any advice?

Good night all of you
Kings and Queens of
Wordpress Land.

Sleep well and keep
your pencils sharpened.


About goplayintraffic

My Blog, which began as a mommy blog and turned into a writing website, www.write2survive.com, is the product of my years of being home with my children and trying to find ways to keep myself sane. I have always had this feeling, coming from a single mother, that I have to contribute financially and that I have to be able to take care of myself and my children. having been married, being a NYC school teacher, having four children, living in Newtown, CT and trying to find a way to get through each day with a smile has always been something I've strived for. My stories, articles and poems will do a lot of things but mostly make you feel. I think that is what is so wonderful about having the ability to write. I have been given the gift of taking my emotions and transferring them to written word. Once that is done, I can share those words with others who may feel better, maybe just for a moment, but better nonetheless having read my words. I am glad you are here and hope you will stay:)
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