Why the Children’s Stations of the Cross in Newtown, CT?

We had the Children’s Living Stations of the Cross today at St. Rose of Lima Church in Newtown, CT at noon.

I am always amazed after all the practicing, script writing and re-writing. All the setting up of music and rearranging the music, making costumes and changing costumes, how fast the performance goes. I don’t even remember it.

It’s like Thanksgiving dinner. You cook all day and it’s eaten in 10 minutes. It’s enough to make you wonder why you bother at all.

I’ll tell you why. The look on the children’s faces. They are so proud of themselves. They know they’ve made a difference and have made their parents proud.

Last year, a child that participated in the stations lost her father that very night. Her mother said that being in the stations helped her explain her fathers death to them. Today at the stations, she narrated and led the congregation in saying the rosary after veneration. Her little sister was also a reader.

A little girl was just given the role of Mary on Wednesday due to another child backing out. The next morning I was told that the little girl‘s house burnt down to the ground that night. I was told the one thing she was happy about was playing Mary despite her loss. She showed up today, smelling of smoke, costume in hand and ready to go.

If these things do not scream faith, hope and love, I don’t know what does.
This little girl also attended Sandy Hook School to top it off. Children are amazing resilient creatures. No matter what happens to them, no matter how they are hurt or mis-treated, they always bounce back if they know they are loved.

So, when I contemplate whether organizing the stations each year is worth it, I have to say that it’s like cooking Thanksgoving dinner. It’s a he’ll of a lot of work, but it taste damn good. And after, I am always thinking of how to make it better next year.

Happy Easter everyone!

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My Blog, which began as a mommy blog and turned into a writing website, www.write2survive.com, is the product of my years of being home with my children and trying to find ways to keep myself sane. I have always had this feeling, coming from a single mother, that I have to contribute financially and that I have to be able to take care of myself and my children. having been married, being a NYC school teacher, having four children, living in Newtown, CT and trying to find a way to get through each day with a smile has always been something I've strived for. My stories, articles and poems will do a lot of things but mostly make you feel. I think that is what is so wonderful about having the ability to write. I have been given the gift of taking my emotions and transferring them to written word. Once that is done, I can share those words with others who may feel better, maybe just for a moment, but better nonetheless having read my words. I am glad you are here and hope you will stay:)
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