The Law of Attraction in My Life

Hello all!  It has been a very long time since I have posted anything here.  In fact, it has been 8 years. What a roller coaster ride I have been on in that time.  But, rather than bore you with the events that have come to pass, I have made the decision to move forward in my life with gratitude, age and grace.

Many years ago, I watched the movie, “The Secret” which I found very interesting.  But life being as it was and me being who I was, I move along in life.  Recently, the Secret came back into my life.  It was very subtle.  I am currently working in a job I never expected to get, but has become something good.  My boss is a wonderful man who gives to all and passes on his abundance willingly.

I was “complaining” about situations in my life that I always “said” I have no control over.  He handed me a book to read called, “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles.  Something inside me immediately thought, “this is exactly what I need.”  I started to read the book and realized that nothing happens by mistake.  I moved onto re-reading “The Secret.”

I am not sure at this moment what is going to happen in my life.  I believe in God and the Law of Attraction.  In the last two weeks, I have not “attracted” vast amounts of cash, but little by little, I do see that Law of Attraction working its way into my world.  Little things like making a sale within minutes of asking for it.  A sale that saved us that week.  I see it working in my relationship with my daughter, my nemesis, who I normally am at odds with constantly.  We are seemingly on the same “frequency.”  I see it in the teeny tiny refund from the government amongst a mound of debt.

I am compelled to tell you all that I began this blog in response to a book I wrote after a very tough time in my life called, “What a Difference a Day Makes:  A Survival Guide for Women.”  It is no longer available for sale, but for some strong reason, I feel that it will become available again.

I live in Newtown, CT.  After the shootings in my town in 2012, I wrote a book of poetry called, “A Poem a Day Keeps Depression Away.”  This was a collection of poems that came out after the tragedy and while I was struggling with a health problem that engulfed my life.

I have to be completely honest here by saying I have not thought of these books in a long time.  But I do believe in the Law of Attraction and that God only brings good things into my life.  So, I am following this instinct I am feeling to write about it and re-post these books.  I don’t know what will become of this, but I do plan to write about my journey with the Law of Attraction so that if there is anyone out there who feels the same way I do or is in the same situation, it may help them.


About goplayintraffic

My Blog, which began as a mommy blog and turned into a writing website,, is the product of my years of being home with my children and trying to find ways to keep myself sane. I have always had this feeling, coming from a single mother, that I have to contribute financially and that I have to be able to take care of myself and my children. having been married, being a NYC school teacher, having four children, living in Newtown, CT and trying to find a way to get through each day with a smile has always been something I've strived for. My stories, articles and poems will do a lot of things but mostly make you feel. I think that is what is so wonderful about having the ability to write. I have been given the gift of taking my emotions and transferring them to written word. Once that is done, I can share those words with others who may feel better, maybe just for a moment, but better nonetheless having read my words. I am glad you are here and hope you will stay:)
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