About ME

People say how do you take care of four children and do everything else.  I tell them that I choose carefully.

I am a stay at home working mom who would love to write.

You all should know about me before I tell you what I have done. Firstly, I should say that I live in Newtown, CT. We have gained an enormous amount of attention in the last couple of months as you all undoubtedly know, unless you live under a rock.

I didn’t start out in Newtown though, I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York.  Many people have mis-conceptions of the Bronx. When I was a kid, we had no problem being cramped in an apartment two to a bedroom and mom on the couch. Oh yeah, the dog and the cat too.  We went to school like every other kid. We did our homework and played outside.  We went to the park, played wiffle ballpaddle ball on the wall in the alley. Normal stuff.

In High School I was introduced to Creative Writing and have never looked back.  I went to college, graduated (with honors) and started teaching.

In 2001, my husband and I decided to move ourselves and our two children to Sandy Hook, CT. Mostly because we wanted to buy a house with a driveway and a basement. That was our criteria. Oh, and we had to be able to afford it. We kept driving further and further up North until we came upon this town.

Living in Newtown is wonderful.

In 2006 published and became a “real writer.” My book is called “What a Difference a Day Makes; A Survival Guide for Women.” The book sold a couple of hundred copies, which was fine with me. But the fact that I had to advertise and get the word out about it taught me a lot about blogging, social media, writing copy and the internet in general. I started blogging every day and loved it.

Writing for me makes sense. I have plenty of children, time and opinion, so I appreciate anyone who has read this all the way to the end and look forward to comments, interactions  new friendships and anything else this brings.

I am hoping to be able to live off the blog and finally feel self sufficient.

5 Responses to About ME

  1. Memeh says:

    Hi, very inspiring post. I believe in healing. would you like to know? Also, how do you intend to live off your blog? I honestly want to know because I would love to make money off my blog too.

    • I believe that I am being healed but am always open to new ideas. The making money part, I am still working on. I know once a blog is popular, you can sell advertising space. Also, if you write about something specific, that can lend to opportunity.

      At this point I am just writing what I like and praying for Gods will to be done in terms of money.


      • Memeh says:

        Hi ok. I guess I’ll just keep writing and we’ll see what happens. Thanks. Concerning the healing, I am glad you are being healed. And it will be perfected. I know Jesus miraculously heals any kind of ailment. He healed me of asthma.

  2. I read to the end of your post and can relate to ‘Writing for me makes sense.’ I truly admire your intention. Simple and clear.

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