I Live in Newtown


Barth Family attends Children’s Stations of the Cross Despite Losing Everything in Fire

How to Donate

Jennie Hubbard

Jennie Hubbard, Mother of Victim, Daily News Article

Retreat with Sandy Hook Victims mother

Reflections of Jennie Hubbard

Cross in the Clouds above St. Rose of Lima Church on 12/14/12


  • This post is related to security issues being discussed currently regarding public funding of private schools.

New Debate in Newtown

Boston Bruins support Newtown Community

  • I created a video about a make shift center that was up from the day of the tragedy until the town asked them to take it out.  It was a beautiful tribute to how many people around the world were affected by the terrible tragedy of 12/14/12

Video Tribute, A Place to Morn in newtown

  • I wrote this poem about Adam Lanza. 

In the Shadow, Poem about Adam Lanza

In the Shadow

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